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An experimental advertising space (and online Ego booster). Anyone can buy an ad on this website for one dollar (1 USD) and it will stay online until the next person makes a purchase. The winner (explained below) will be attached to this page forever, thus going down in history of Internet.


Clik the "Buy" button, fill in the form and make the payment. We support most popular cryptocurrencies and credit card payments are coming soon.

Each ad receives “online seconds”, just for being online. The person/company whose ads collect most seconds before Christmas 2019 (or when 1M ad slots are purchased in total) will become the final, permanent winner and their ad will stay on the main page indefinitely. Buyers are identified by email addresses, so you can run different ads and their online time will sum up.

The winner will also receive 15% of all the website’s profit as a payment for their promotional services. There is also a second and a third place (10% and 5% respectively). To spice things up, I will randomly choose one person who will also get 5% (minimum one ad purchase required). This event will be broadcasted live.

1st place – 15% profit (up to 150,000 USD) + your ad stays on the home page forever
2nd place – 10% profit (up to 100,000 USD)
3rd place – 5% profit (up to 50,000 USD)
Random Lucky Winner – 5% profit (up to 50,000 USD)

You can track everyone's progress at the Leaderboard page.

Charity - I will use 10% of the funds (up to 100,000 USD) to make a donation to one or more charities, which will be selected during the website’s lifetime and the choice will be consulted with the community. If you run or work for a charity, feel free to contact me.

In the near future we are going to introduce an Affiliate Program, where anyone will be able to create an account and earn money as an affiliate (5% commission).


As the website's popularity grows, you receive great value for money, exposing your links to thousands of people for a tiny fee. There's also a dedicated Statistics page to help you evaluate if buying an ad is worthwile. Apart from all the above, you also get your shot at 50,000 USD with each purchase.


My name is Voytek Zeglin and I am a full-stack developer / entrepreneur. I run two companies, Omnicode LTD in the UK and DataMiners in Poland. The funds collected through this website, after the taxes are deducted and payments made, will be used to finance a blockchain related project that I’m working on with my team. Details of the project will be announced in the coming weeks. If you want to get in touch, send an email to or contact me on Twitter.